What do I do to get started?
You start by creating an account by tapping, scanning or going to the URL written on the tag. Follow the instructions on the ‘register your Returntaq’ page. Once you have created your account you can register as many tags as you want.
What are the requirements for a username and password?
Username: your email address is your username

Password: your password should be at least 8 characters long
Does the tag contain any personal information?
Besides your email address, you don’t have to leave any personal information on your tag to be able to retrieve your belongings after it’s been lost. The system needs to know how to get in touch with you quickly when one of your registered items is found. The default contact method is by email. You may choose to add your mobile phone number.
How will the finder contact me?
When someone finds your item and scans your tag, they will be redirected to our platform. They can leave a message for you there after which you will receive an email and arrange a way to retrieve your item.
Do I have to pay a subscription fee?
No, Returntaq is completely free. Once you have gotten your tag, there are no hidden costs.
Does the tag need a battery?
No, there are no batteries involved. The integrated NFC chip will be wirelessly activated by placing your NFC enabled phone near to it.
I am under 18 and therefore not eligible to use the service. What can I do to register?
Please ask your parents or another adult to help.
What do I do when I have found an item with a tag?
You can scan, tap or follow the URL written on the tag. You will be redirected to our ‘found a tag’ page. Please leave your message to the owner explaining where he/she can retrieve their belongings. Please note that it is not required to fill in your personal information if you don’t want to share this with the owner, however, if you do, the chance of the owner retrieving their belongings increases significantly.
The item I have found appears to be damaged and some of the contents may be missing. What do I do now?
Be sure to mention this in the message section when reporting the item.
The owner wants the item to be shipped via courier service. Who arranges this?
It is the responsibility of the owner to arrange this but you may offer to help if you wish.
Register your Returntaq
How do I register my taq?
Tap, scan or follow the URL written on the tag. Fill in the required information and your tag is registered. Easy as that!
Will other people see my registered information?
No, all your information is kept private. When someone finds your belongings, an email will be sent through our platform.